Polishing felt wheels

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Polishing felt wheels designed for polishing different materials with or without abrasive paste.

Example of symbolic notation of polishing felt wheels

PW 150 х 30 х 32 ТU 8161014-00223332-2012,
PW - polishing felt wheel;
150 - external diameter (mm);
30 - height (mm);
32 - inside diameter (mm);
ТU 8161014-00223332-2012 - normative document, according which tool is produced.

Dimensions and exploitation features of produced polishing felt wheels
Schematic image Dimension Dxhxd Maximal rotation speed (m/s) Limit rotation frequency (rpm)
Схематичное изображения круга 150x50x32
with insidecut
50 6400
Схематичное изображения круга 150x50x32
without insidecut
50 6400
without insidecut
20 2550
Схематичное изображения круга 150x15xM14 20 2550
Recommendations about safety use
Recommendations about safety use of polishing felt tools according GOST R 52588-2011
During work its necessary to follow protective measures:
wear eye protection wear gloves
wear a respirator not permitted for wet grinding
wear hearing protection
Recommendations about storage
Recommendations about storage of polishing felt tools
For air access pallet backing must be higher than floor level not less than for 0.2 mm.
Dry room is the room with humidity of no more than 60 %.
To keep polishing felt tools in consumer package on shelf or pallets in dry, ventilated, protected from moisture and rainfall warehouses.
During polishing felt tools storage in open package with period of more than 6 months these tools must be processed with mothicide. Processing must be done no rare than once per 6 months.

Углошлифовальная машинка Прямошлифовальная машинка

For metal surfaces polishing with and without polishing paste.

  • Polishing material felt
  • stainless steel