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How to get advice on products?
For more advice on products, you can contact the specialists of the marketing department by phones: (4722) 21-54-05, 21-57-25.
How to place an order and checking the cost?
To place an order, and to review the pricing policy, you must send a request by e-mail baz@belabraziv.ru.
The request you must specify the name, quantity of products, when placing an order - the preferred delivery condition (name of transport company, shipping address).
Name of products includes tool type, size, series and grit coated abrasives, from which it is made. At impossibility of self-determination relevant series of coated abrasives, you must specify to our specialists type of material to be treated, conditions of use the tool.
Turning first to the requests of legal entities need to be supported by organization details, private entrepreneur should send their passport data (series, number, issued by whom and when).
In response to Your request will be sent to You our commercial proposal or account.
Terms of payment
Orders for manufacturing of products accepted on the basis of 100% prepayment.
Production times
The production time is up to 6 working days after payment.
What is the delivery of products, shipping costs?
Delivery of products is carried out by transport companies: "Delovye linyi", "PEC", "Baikal Service", "KIT", "Zheldorekspeditsiya", "Armadillo Business Posylka" (DPD). The price of products in the account not include shipping. Shipping cost paid by the transport company. For large orders it is possible to deliver our own transport in some regions of Russia. You can check with specialists of sales Department the possibility of delivery in your region by phone +7 (4722) 21-53-86.
How to conclude a contract with us?
We are working on the ACCOUNT-OFFER.
Account-offer is an account in which besides name of product, its quantity and price, also basic terms of supply, terms of payment, terms and conditions of shipment are indicated.
The invoice, specification and contract is one document - is very convenient!
Sending invoice to you, we shall make a commercial offer (account - offer), and payment of this account means that You agree with these terms and conditions (acceptance).
Thus, there is a contract under which we are to send you paid tools in certain period (according to account-offer).